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Permanent tooth knocked out intact

Replant tooth immediately, if possible. If contaminated, rinse with water before replanting. DON'T SCRUB IT. If immediate replantation is not possible, place tooth in milk or inside patient's mouth. DON'T CLEAN IT, or you could destroy valuable tissue. There is a chance we can save the tooth if we see the patient soon enough, so call us immediately.


Broken or chipped tooth

Minor chips that do not expose the tooth's nerve do not require our immediate attention, although we should see the patient soon to determine how best to repair the tooth. Severe breaks which expose the nerve are another matter: cover the tooth with a damp cloth and phone us immediately. If a nerve is exposed and you wait too long to see us, the nerve can become contaminated, die, and cause an abscess.


Lost a filling

Avoid chewing on that side of your mouth and avoid very hot or cold foods. If in pain, soft wax placed in the cavity may help. You'll want to come and see us to have the damage fully repaired. Abscess and swelling: Do not apply heat or ice until you've consulted a dentist. Take ibuprofen, aspirin, or Tylenol and call us as soon as possible. In cases of severe swelling you may be advised to go to the emergency room.


Broken bridge or dental appliance

Save the broken parts and try not to chew on that side of your mouth. If rough edges are exposed, prevent damage to your tongue and cheek by covering the broken part with soft wax. And call as soon as you can.


Crown (cap) has come out

You will need to be seen within 1-3 days to be evaluated for recementation of the crown. In the meantime,

keep the crown on the tooth, if it is stable enough, except when eating or sleeping (so as to avoid swallowing the crown).



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